Modernism March

The shackles of years were finally cut: ‘let’s be free in what we do but don’t tell all, it would be too much
for these sheep and lambs – they surely would falter
– so make the road easy to the slaughter’.

Let’s start with ‘Peace be with you’ before Communion, shake hands, or kiss, will add confusion.
And as they stroll to where altar rails once stood, and obey instruction – ‘don’t kneel, stand’- they would
do as Father said “cos he’s a priest – he knows all – knows what he’s doing even if his order is tall.

As sheep just follow where ‘ere led – always trusting – so the flock were totally fed
On things that first had unwelcome taste, but over time, shock waves depleted God’s Grace.
Ah! Yes, those waves hit shore with Ooh! No! What next! Father said this or that – was it taken out of context?
Father knows, and teaches us well on Vatican Two; we feel the freedom and ease  he tells.
‘Twas so stuffy and serious up to Council years — prayers, sodalities, sin and confessional fears.

Sunday Mass is a clap-along treat; the youth enjoy guitars and hippie songs, so up-beat.
And Father has us laughing explaining pre-Vatican Two; out-dated teachings now for me and you.
Each Sunday, Father does a different act – every Parish is free to do this or that:
So bring on the clowns and liturgical dancing, throw out reverence, awe, and substitute prancing.
Now this allows free comment to be made and ecumenical/dialogue foundations laid.
The Protestants and us have a friendly time – we get on well – they don’t think of conscience or speak of Hell;
They don’t read the Saints with tales of woe, so to all religions we certainly can go.

The Tabernacle is hidden from view – the walls are bare – ‘tis modern, ‘tis new.
Once hung there the Stations of the Cross – Father showed who was the boss!
Who wants those statues; let’s toss them out; get rid of the crucifix; Protestantise; let’s shout –
We’re free from Revelation so-called, we’re free to review our own fall.
No, there’s no Fall for us, we’re all going to Heaven – all religions there – no worry of Sacraments seven.
This New Church says do as you wish – no sin – confessionals; do they exist?
Poor priests and nuns – the remaining few – have lost their dignity, and sadly, their Faith, too.
The Priest does not say, I’m Father Brown, it’s just, ‘call me Joe,aro und this town.’
Poor priest has lost that special respect; he’s now so brash: a refinement! Manners! courtesy! – who wants that trash?
We all belong to this community of God – going our way – but not along the path He trod.

And when this Modernism ceases to be,
Heaven will open for all peoples to see
The Reverence, Wonder, Awe of Tradition,
The saving Grace from perdition.

And the words of Our Lady will be known world-wide;
Her faithful children to gather and kneel by her side…