2005 JanFeb/Editorial

A Happy and Blessed New Year to all our readers!

We must start this year with an apology, alas! Once again because of the pressures of the apostolate, particularly over the Christmas period, the Nova et Vetera is somewhat late. It is hoped, however, that this bumper issue will go somewhere towards making good the delay in its appearance. With the approach of the sixtieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War we publish an article about the malicious destruction of the monastery at Montecassino. As time passes it seems, all we thought we could take for granted about the last world conflagration is slowly being changed. We continue with our articles for men and women and their roles in Catholic society. As you can tell from the sometimes precious way the authors have of phrasing the most simple truths these articles are from a different age. With more time we could perhaps have brought them up to date with more modern examples of the truths they illustrate. It is, however, providential that the task of applying the perennial principles to modern life is left to the reader since each reader will be able to draw lessons pertinent to his own situation.

All our usual features are also here and so start the year with a good read of your favourite parish magazine!