2005 December/Laughter is good Medicine


Van came back from a visit to USA. “I tell you,” he said to his Boere friends, “Those Americans really know how to welcome people to their country!”

Oh come on!” retorted his friends. “Really, its true! When I arrived in New York there were thousands of people who came to see me. They were all waving and cheering.” “You must have been dreaming,’ laughed his friends. “It’s true! You can even ask the Pope. He came out right before me!”


And another Van

Van got a job as a policeman! He got it in Italy though! One day Pope Benedict was being driven along. He noticed that his chauffeur was getting very tired. In his great charity he suggested to his chauffeur that he drive a little, while his chauffeur takes a little rest in the back seat.

So, keeping inline with the habits of the clergy, His Holiness knew only one position of the throttle … He stepped on it!

Very soon however, Van the policeman caught him on his radar and came racing up behind him. He was about to reprimand him severely and give him a fat fine, when, in absolute bewilderment, he radioed his supervisor.

“Well fine the man!”

Retorted his supervisor.

“Well, I don’t know. This man seems to be very very important.

I mean … he has the Pope as his chauffeur!”