2005 April/Editorial

Lent is now past and after the splendours of the Holy Week liturgy we are now in Easter time. After a gruelling period of austerities and fasting it is now the time to rejoice. But just as fasting is not just religious dieting our rejoicing must not be lie that of the pagans. Many worldly pleasures are licit but even in this joyous season we must make sure we rejoice “in the Lord” and use even what is licit with moderation.

As the articles keep on rolling in we’ve once more got a bumper issue for you this time. Montecassino continues and the codes of conduct for a few sports end up our survey of mores of another age. New is the start of the edifying life of Don Bartolo of Naples which will conclude next month. Our colouring competition is there as well as the jokes page. Something for everyone? I hope so. Enjoy this edition of Nova et Vetera and Happy Easter!