The Story of St Joseph

We will all have heard about St Joseph before. Of course! He was the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus. He was a very holy man.

We do not know much about the life of St Joseph. Although he was only a poor carpenter he came from the line of a very great king, King David.

When St Joseph married Mary, they went to live in the town of Nazareth. There he was a carpenter. (A carpenter is a person who makes wooden furniture.) And although he never grew rich he had a very important task to do. He had to look after Mary and Jesus. This St Joseph did very well. He always made sure that there was enough food and other necessary items. When the little Boy Jesus grew older, St Joseph taught him to be a carpenter like himself.

St Joseph did not live to see Jesus become Famous. He died beforehand, with Mary and Jesus at his side. What a beautiful death that must have been!

St Joseph’s special feast is on the 19th of March. Pray to him often!