2004 January/Editorial

Dear Friends

Since I am leaving already for Namibia, and its only the beginning of December, I must write this short editorial before I leave. As I think most of you are aware, the Nova et Vetera had to be reduced once again in size because of the very few who read it. I was tempted to put an end to it, but decided that, after all, it did a little bit of good and that a small edition like this will not be too much work.

I hope and pray that you all are having a wonderful and holy Christmas. It is sad to see how the world has convinced people to put Christ out of Christmas and then advance it every year, little by little so that finally it will become completely dislocated from even the date of Christmas. When I wish people a happy Christmas after the 25th, they look at me strangely. But, dear friends, the Church wants us to celebrate Christmas from the day of Christmas even up unto the octave day, that is, the eight day after Christmas. Indeed, we continue to celebrate this feast even unto the octave day of the Epiphany.

When you receive this Nova et Vetera, we should be around the date of the Epiphany. It is one of the greatest feasts of the Church. It is the day of the manifestation of Christ. The gospel reminds us of the wise men who come to acknowledge the divinity, and kingship of Christ as well as Him being Redeemer. This they did with their gifts: Frankincense for His divinity, gold for the kingship, and Myrrh, which is used to embalm a body, depicting thereby His work of Redeemer by His death.

Yet there is another lesson for us: The wise men do not return by the same route by which they came. Let us also not return upon our bad ways but rather, in the beginning of this New Year, make a firm resolution to advance in the love and service of Christ our Lord.

May God and His Holy Mother bless and guide you always.