The Saint Andrew Society

In July, this year, 2004, the Society of St.Pius X in Southern Africa, launched a movement for young girls, called the Society of St. Andrew, or the SAS. It is above all a moral union of young girls and young women who wish to respond to Our Lord’s two pressing requests made by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima:

“God wishes to establish in the world the devotion to my immaculate heart.”

“You at least try to console me.”

Unable to remain deaf and indifferent to such a request, these souls seek its fulfillment, placing all their strength and confidence in such consoling promises of Our Lady:

“My immaculate heart will be your refuge
And the secure way that will lead you to God.”
“In the end, my immaculate heart will triumph.”

“God wants it” convinces them; “my immaculate heart will be your refuge” gives them trust and encouragement. “You at least try to console me” fills them with courage and zeal to fulfill their obligations as children of Mary and members of the S.A.S. “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph” confirms their hope in its triumph, because She promised it.

In this way, they try to cultivate and extend the devotion to the “Admirable Heart” of Mary Most Holy, loving it and making it loved, knowing it and making it known, venerating it and making it venerated, imitating it and making it imitated; thus the Society is characterized for being devotion to the Immaculate Heart and in this spirit, its members always search the greater glory of God and the good of souls, doing everything in, through, with, and for Our Lady’s Heart.

What are the Aims of the SAS?

The main aim is the sanctification of its members in, with, through, and for Mary’s Heart for the greater glory of God. Being aware that this way of sanctification and this imitation of Mary will only be achieved through an intense prayer life, these souls commit themselves to work in order to achieve it and to help each other to attain this end, praying for the others, thus each member becomes a link of a strong chain of prayer, whose clasp is the daily Mass of the chaplain. The sanctification of its members and the chain of prayer constitute the essential aim. Then there are other aims also:

To foster, create, cultivate, and preserve a healthy friendship among the members, having a strong union between them, founded in the common treasure which is the Heart of Mary, furnace of true charity and true love.

Consequently, another end is to enjoy healthy amusements, organizing meetings, walks, games, picnics.

Finally, the S.A.S. foresees among its aims certain “assignments” or “responsibilities” in order to foster a virtue, to fight a vice, to pray for a particular intention (which the chaplain determines according to the needs).

The five mottos of the Society summarize in a practical and concrete way the spirit which moves it, since a member’s day will be guided by them:

1. The first one is of a most special importance because it is the central point of the Society: Ave Cor Mariae! Hail, heart of Mary! This fundamental motto will be at the head of letters and essays (A.C.M.), the greeting used among members when saying hello and goodbye and its favorite ejaculation. But most importantly, it expresses the particular spirit and profound disposition of a soul in love with the Heart of the Blessed Virgin, who makes Her the center of her life and activities.

In greeting Our Lady with an Ave Cor Mariae!, the soul expresses its tender and filial veneration and devotion… it renovates its consecration, making an act of love and of surrender to Her service. The A.C.M. is a supplication imploring Her protection and aid. It is a joyful recognition of all Her prerogatives and privileges; it is a sincere hymn of gratitude. This is why, for all true members of the S.A.S., their A.C.M. is much more than a greeting or simple distinctive in it is summarized all its devotion and love for the Mother of God.

The second motto summarizes, in a clear and concrete manner, the aspirations of a member of the S.A.S. “Mother, may those who look at me, see thee.” It indicates the goal which each member must fight for: the imitation of the Blessed Virgin in everything: interiorly and exteriorly. The member’s habitual question will be: What would my Mother have done? Her wish will be to act according to the spirit of Our Lady, in such a way that whoever sees or listens to her, will be reminded and think of Her. And further more, the member will do her best so that when Jesus Himself enters her soul, He will always find his Blessed Mother there, and so she will make herself more and more pleasing to Him.

The third motto manifests clearly the motive and intention of all that a member does, how, where, in whom, and for whom she does it: Omnia per Mariam (all through Mary). All her life and all her self ought to be of Mary, doing all her actions interior and exterior through Mary, in Mary, with Mary, and for Mary. “All for Mary, nothing without Mary for Jesus.” Our Lady is the fast, secure, easy, and short path to sanctity. Thus members will transform themselves into Her, renouncing their own will. Doing everything in, like, and through Her, they will become all Hers and for Her.

The fourth motto is “Withdraw, mother, from me whatever separates me from thee.” In the moments of temptation or of danger, especially against the virtue of purity, the members will confidently have recourse to their Mother in heaven, praying this ejaculation.

The fifth and last motto is: Persevere and you will triumph. It would be of no avail to start out with good resolutions and wishes if these were not fulfilled. This motto is important because to live it means not to ever be discouraged despite difficulties; to conquer laziness and discouragement. To never give up this is the motto which will always urge them to fulfill whatever Our Lady asks of them in the Society: always firm, always forward, always higher, despite the temptations and attacks from the enemy.

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