The Genesis of a Pipe Organ

In the early part of September, our Roodepoort Parish of Our Lady of Sorrows will be graced by a beautiful new Pipe Organ. This was made possible by three very generous benefactors as well as the benefaction made by Mr. Jan Pekelharing from Port Elizabeth who is also the builder of the organ.

Normally such an organ is unthinkable due to its price. We must therefore thank our benefactors with all our hearts. We pray that it may give much glory to God.

The Editor made a visit to the Port Elizabeth home where this organ is being built … and, I must say, it’s looks and it’s sound are beautiful. Here following I give you some photos of the organ in its building stages:Organ console

The Organ console

front of the organ

The front of the organ in it’s rough state

front pipes

The front pipes can be seen with the complex air-feeding system.

One of the two bellows

One of the two bellows

The "stops"

The “stops” are specially machined


Organ console

Two views of some of the 505 pipes that make up the organ

Organ consoleWhoever said that these organs are old fashioned? Below a view of the blower motor which had to be ordered from Germany since such noiseless motors cannot be found in South Africa.To the right a view of the specially designed electronic servo systems which control the selection of different pipe registers which then produece different kinds of sound.