Jesus’ First Miracle

esus worked his first miracle at a wedding in a village called Cana. Jesus, His Holy Mother and His disciples were invited to the wedding.

Now in those days it was a custom to always serve wine at a wedding. Normally the best wine would be served first and then afterwards the lesser one.

the wedding at Cana

But at the wedding where Our Lord was the wine ran out. Our Lady then came to Jesus and told him, “They have no more wine.” Now for the marriage couple it was an embarrassing thing to happen. But Jesus had pity on them.

He told the servants to fill six large water jars that were standing there to the top with water. The servants obeyed him. He then told them, “Draw it out now and take it to the chief steward.” (The chief steward was like what we call the best man.)

So the servants took a cup-full to the chief steward and they were amazed. The water had been changed into wine!

Now the chief steward didn’t know what had happened, but when he tasted the wine he was surprised and he went to the bridegroom and said, “Everyone gives his guests good wine first and then later the poorer wine. But you have kept the good wine until last.”

And so Jesus worked His first miracle

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Joyful Mysteries:
1 The Annunciation —-
2 The Visitation —
3 The Nativity —
4 The Presentation —
5 The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple —
H _ _ _ l _ _ y
_ _ a _ _ ty
_ o _ _ r _ y
O_ _ d_ e_ _eP_ _ ty
Sorrowful Mysteries:
l Agony in the Garden —
2 Scouring at the Pillar —
3 Crowning with Thorns —
4 Carrying of the Cross —
5 The Crucifixion —
_ o_ _ _ _ tion
P _ _ _ _ y
_ _ _ rage
_ a_ i _ n _ e
S _ lf de _ _ _ l
(Self denail)
Glorious Mysteries:
1 The Resurrection —
2 The Ascention —
3 Descent of the Holy Ghost
on Mary and the Apostles —
4 The Assumption —
5 Crowning of Mary in Heaven —
F_ _ th
_ _ p __ ov_
Et _ _ _ _ l Ha_ _ _ _ ess
D_ _ _ tion to M _ _ _
(Eternal Happiness)
(Devotion to Mary)