The local gossip column

Three souls who played an important role in the Traditional movement in Southern Africa, have been recalled by God to their eternal reward:

Mr. Deryck Gray from Harare who died, well advanced in years and after much suffering, on the 22nd of July, fortified by the Sacraments of Our Holy Mother the Church.

Mrs. Marjorie Morris (top right) who was born on the 12th of July 1910 and died on the 16th of July 2003. Cape Town tradionalist are much indebted to her for all her good work, especially for her catechetical instructions. May her soul rest in peace.

Mr. Karl Hacker, (bottom right) originally from Omaruru, born on the 1st of January 1913 and passed to his eternal reward in Otjiwarongo in July 2003. He will be greatly missed by the Namibian Traditionalists. Requiescat in Pace.


After many years of hard and good labour, we have to bid Fr. Esposito farewell and God speed. He has been posted literally into the heart of Aftrica… Kenya. He will be our first superiour of that country. We are sure that with God’s help he will do very good work there for the conversion of many souls.

God bless dear Father. We will remember you in our prayers.

We say goodby again to Fr. Garcia Gaillardo. We had only recently said hello to him! Well the world is big and requests for priests are overwhelming.

We thank him for all the good work he has done here in his short stay, and wish him Adios.

Another goodby to Fr. Webber. Britannica calls for him. We thank him too for all his good work he had done here and pray that he may always persevere. God bless.


A very warm welcome to three new priests:

Fr. Pascal Gendron form France (far right). He is a priest for some what 13 years already. He will be replacing Fr. Esposito in Zimbabwe.

Fr. Thomas Hufford, newly ordained from USA. He will be stationed in Durban.

Fr. Denis Bedel, newly ordained from France, due to be stationed in Roodepoort. (right, standing on left)

We pray that their work may be fruitful.