Laughter is good Medicine Nov/Dec

Dad was trying to read his magazine but had a hard time because little Lucy was bothering him. Finally, he tore a page out of the magazine on which was printed the map of the world. Tearing it into small pieces, he gave it to Lucy.
“Go into your room and see if you can put it together again.”
Very soon little Lucy returned. The map was put together again.
“How id you do it so quickly?” asked Dad dumbfoundedly.
“It was simple,” replied Lucy. “On the other side of the paper is a picture of Jesus. When I got all of Jesus back together again, then the world came right too!”


Now do remember, Reverend Father, never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly… or else you’ll be on your won!

Eternity! Your choice… Smoking or non-smoking?

and then…oh dear me, I am sorry…I bumped my friend as he fired…and…oh dear me…he…he missed the Protestant…