2003 May/crossword


1. One of the three vows that Religious take.
4. The vestment of the Subdeacon.
9. The first minor order.
10. The science of God.
15. Without which you can do no good.
17. The Sacraments
18. The Clerical state.
19. Not she!
23. Cana of Galilee
24. Fourth minor order
26. A virtue akin to humility.
27. To give out your goods to the poor.
28. The central part of the Mass.
30. A constituent of Holy Chrism.
31. Where Christ raised the dead.
32. A Priest for the military.
34. Good intentions often …. the way to hell.
36. Part of the matter for marriage.
38. Ephpheta!
39. The prayer of the priest.
42. A Prince of the Church.
46. The Consecrated bread.
48. An indispensible instrument at Holy Mass.
51. Third minor order.
53. Where the priest prepares for Holy Mass.
55. Is passing and eternity is approaching.
56. Where upon the Holy Eucharist is laid during Mass.


1. In preparation for baptism.
2. The priestly garment which signifies chastity.
3. For some poor souls, the spiritual life goes up and down like a ….
5. By which the Church honours God.
6. The ordinary minister of the Holy Eucharist.
7. The colour worn at Pentecost.
8. Wisdom in a man.
11. The virtue obtained by keeping the fourth commandment.
12. The ten Commandments.
13. The last step before the priesthood.
14. Two of these are necessary for marriage.
16. The second minor order.
20. There is only one between God and man.
21. The vestment of the Deacon.
22. Where priests are trained
25. The language of the Church.
29. Three Gods?
30. Only these may receive the Holy Eucharist.
33. The white cloth with which the priest covers his shoulders.
35. The Patron saints of Parish Priests
37. The Sacrifice of Our Lord.
40. Upon the Cross, Our Lord was both priest and …
41. The Lord has shown might in His … (Gospel of St. Luke)
43. For forty days.
44. The head of the Church.
45. The matter of the Holy Eucharist.
47. Very few people are…
49. The Church loves it in her Liturgy.
50. The “window of the soul.”
52. The Commadments given by God to Moses.
54. Before Abraham was made, I …