Laughter is good Medicine



Did you solve last issue’s quiz?

What do lay folk always see, priests often see, bishops less often see, kings seldom see… and God never sees????
The Answer: An Equal
Johnny, Oh Johnny!

“Johnny, which commandment would you be breaking if you stole cookies from the cookie jar?” asked Fr. Rire.

“The seventh, “replied Johnny without hesitation.

“And if you were to answer back to mommy?” Asked Father again.

“Oh the fourth, “he earnestly replied.

“Now Johnny, if you were to pull your dog’s tail real hard…?”

Johnny thought for a while, and then slowly and pensively replied; “Eh…, Father I don’t know under which commandment that would fall but I do know that God doesn’t like it because He said: ‘What God has joined together, let no man put asunder!”