Editorial May

Dear Friends,

While being wayfarers in this world, we are obliged, by the will of God, to live in it. While it remains difficult, beset on all sides with many dangers, especially those to the soul, it also becomes the medium of much merit. “God is faithful,” says St. Paul, “He will not suffer you to be tempted above that which you are able; but will make also with temptation issue, that you may be able to bear it.” (1 cor. 10; 13) Nevertheless, God wants us to do our part in as much as it lies in us. Now our combat against evil stands no ground unless it is deeply rooted in the faith, in a true and firm faith. Charity is of course the greatest of virtues, and faith, without it is nothing. Yet faith lies at the origin of all virtues, because without it, charity can never be.

Beset by so many temptations in this world, it behooves us, dear friends, to seek with all our hearts for an increase in faith. Our Catechism teaches us that faith, being a theological virtue, cannot be attained by man, and that, we receive it as a free gift of God at Baptism. But, once received, we can and must make it grow and take deep roots in our souls.

There are so many poor souls today who fall by the wayside. Often it is that their faith was very superficial. It was never firmly rooted in the soul. This could be our lot too if we do not take heed. What must we do to acquire such firm faith?

The means have been repeated a million times by the saints. Much prayer, the Sacraments, the Sacramentals, etc. Two things, however, I wish to stress; learn the Catechism and do not put your faith in danger.

Firstly; learn your Catechism. The truths of the Catholic Faith are so beautiful, so rich that the more you come to know them the more you want. These truths are not like arithmetical truths; once you know them, you know them. Catholic truth is rooted in God Who is infinite. It is not only a truth to know, but indeed a truth to love! We see this so many times. Souls who know their Catechism, always seek to study it more. Those who do not know it, seem to have no interest in it either. And yet, it is the science of sciences, it is a treasure that the world can never give. Consider, dear friends these words of Our Lord which He expressed to His heavenly Father after the last supper; “Now this is eternal life, that they should know Thee and Jesus Christ Whom Thou hast sent.” (Jn. 17; 3) Notice that Our Lord does not hesitate to say; “this is eternal life” … “that they should know Thee…”

Secondly; it is sad to see how many Catholics put their faith in danger by either frequenting the modern church or who listen to Protestant preachers. It is a sin to put you faith in danger. As to the modern church, if 99% of the world’s Catholics have lost their faith in this church, what makes you think that you can stand therein? If so many many priests and bishops, who certainly have well studied the faith, have lost it in the modern church, why do you presume that you will not? I need no further argument. As to Protestant preachers, the Church has always forbade Catholics to listen to them. Many souls do not know their faith deep enough so as to be able to detect the errors of these heretics. The truths they do speak, they stole from the Catholic Church, the errors they profess are most often very subtle. Dear friends, the very principle of Protestantism, which is; I will not serve, is the very cry of Lucifer. If you wish to solidify your faith, you will most certainly not do so by swallowing in error!
May I take this opportunity to wish you one and all a very holy month of Mary.