Crossword March

Crossword CluesACROSS1. The deacon who was elected and became Pope St. Gregory VII4. A city in central Italy where St. Peter himself founded the Church and established St. Apollinarius as first bishop9. The saint who taught the “spiritual childhood”10. The saintly Physician who was martyred and whose name appears in the Roman Canon of the Mass11. The girl of thirteen who preferred death rather than sin12. The Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary13. Pope and Martyr who regulated the date of Easter for the whole Church14. The young martyred Roman girl who is always pictured holding a lamb17. The great Pope who did so much for Gregorian Chant18. Where St. Teresa founded her first convent of discalced Carmelites20. Roman soldier and martyr21. Who received from Mary the Scapular22. The anglo-saxon saint and confessor who settled the date of Easter for the island of Iona24. The Saint commissioned by Pope St. Damasus to translate the Bible25. St. Patrick’s city and island, St Columba’s monastic city, called the ‘light of all the north’26. The Cure of … who became the Patron saint of parish priests28. Bishop of Geneva who converted many calvinists (last name)30. The first Pope32. The council which defined the Divine Maternity of Mary35. Evangelist and disciple of St. Paul36. The city of Galilee where Our Lord performed His first miracle37. The sister of St. Benedict38. The great saint who was the teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas
DOWN1. A widow saint who was the aunt of St. Elizabeth of Hungary and who is very popular in Poland2. The country of St. Rose the virgin3. Father of the Church, Bishop of Hippo. He wrote a book confessing the sins of his life4. The Patron saint of hopeless cases5. St. Benedict ordered his monks to pray the office of sext around what time of day?6. The great saint who was falsely excommunicated and driven from his own diocese five times7. The family name of St. Pius X8. A title of a metropolitan bishop whose jurisdiction extended beyond his own province12. The dark continent in which St. Augustine was born14. The Bishop who baptised St. Augustine15. A saint from Antioch who was the first to use the name “Catholic”16. Virgin and Martyr whose feast is kept on the 5th of February19. Bishop of Lyons and staunch fighter against the Gnostic heresy20. The Apostolic … is the seat of authority in the Roman Church23. The father of western monasticism24. He was a philosopher, then converted and became a Catholic Apologist then martyred in Rome27. The city which is the heart of Christendom29. The Saintly French king who fought courageously in the great Crusade31. The edict of … where Constantine gave freedom to the Church33. Apostle to the Gentiles34. The Apostle who wrote one of the Catholic Epistles and who preached the Gospel in Persia.
Solutions to last issue’s crosword puzzle