Laughter is good Medicine March

Quiz of quizzes: What do lay folk always see, priests often see, bishops less often see, kings seldom see… and God never sees????

Johnny and Jimmy were two very naughty boys. Their mother, no longer knowing what to do with them, had recourse to the parish priest.

“Bring them to me one at a time,” he said.

Mother brought Johnny. Whilst the big parish priest peered down at the little rascal, he asked in a solemn and grave tone of voice: “Where is God?”

Johnny dared no answer. After a long silent pause, the priest repeated the question slowly and powerfully. After a stunning silence, Johnny bolted for the door, ran home with all speed and began to pack his bag at break-neck speed.

“Johnny,” cried out his little brother, “what’s going on?”

“Quick Jimmy, pack your bags!” cried out Johnny. “God is missing and Father thinks we took him!”