Editorial March

March, 2003


Dear Friends & Benefactors,

In a world that has gone absolutely mad, the need of turning to Our Lord Crucified becomes more imperative than ever before. Mankind has wished to be delivered from the sweet yoke of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and, dare we say it, Our Lord seems to have granted that request. But where to will this bring man? It suffices to open one’s eyes and see the stark reality of nations adopting laws and ways which can only bring them to utter self-destruction.

But when the guiding light, the guardian of truth, the Church Herself abandons the laws of God, then we stand at the doorstep of world despair. Many speak of a great punishment to come, three days of darkness, but, it seems to me that we are in the midst of it all. What greater punishment, what darker days can there be than when Our Lord withdraws Himself and grants man the self-destructive liberty that man so thirsts for?

Yet, even if this is so, our God is a God of infinite mercy. From the altar of the cross he beheld our mad day and age. The price He paid was infinite. From the ruins of modern society, God will one day draw a greater good than ever before. He will do so by the merits of His Son Crucified for us.

Dear friends, as Lent is now upon us, let us use this time well to implore the mercy of Jesus Crucified. This is the time set aside by Our Holy Mother the Church, a Holy time, by which we may do reparation for our sins, but also, do reparation for so many many poor sinners who are even at this moment on the road to eternal perdition. Do not forget to pray also for nations, especially our own, that they may quickly return to the sweet yoke of Our Dear Saviour, and so once again, become true instruments of salvation for their people.

I recommend you to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.