We were blessed with the visit of Fr. Groche, superior of Gabon, in the begiing of June. On his way to Kenya, and back, he stopped over to see us. (See the article on Gabon in this issue)



Saint Stephen’s Guild
Saint Stephen’s Guild for the Altar Boys was officially formed on Pentecost Sunday at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, Roodepoort. The Guild aims to gather all boys and young men of the Parish who are willing to serve at the altar and train them to become proper altar servers. They will become members of different levels of the Guild once they are fully trained.


We say goodbye to Sister Laetitiae, from Roodepoort, who has now been transferred to the Philippines. We thank her for all her good work and pray that God may bless her work in the future.


We rejoice and join our prayers to the parish of St. Joseph in Harare, Zimbabwe, which was consecrated by the fathers in union with the whole parish to the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the 29th of June. Zimbabwe, too, was consecrated on the same day.

Let us keep that poor country in our prayers especially the many poor souls who have either lost the faith in the destruction of the Church by the modernists, or who are now desperately searching for priests to give them the faith. Pray also for the many who are starving.

Thanks to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and St. Philomena for special favours granted.