Editorial Jul/Aug

Dear Friends

May 24th, seems to me to have been a rather curious event. The first Tridentine Mass “officially” celebrated in the heart of Rome by a cardinal since the break-in of the new mass in 1969. I say “curious” event, for, although it is a step in the right direction for the conciliar church, it is not really a victory for us. Why? Because for the modernists the mass has become something akin to a theatrical performance. Why not do a replay of the “good ol’ oldies.” The nostalgic will be happy!

It all began with an initiative on behalf of the Unavox association, the Italian branch of Una Voce. Unavox asked if a Tridentine Mass might be celebrated in Rome, in one of the major Basilica’s, in honour of the Rosary Year. This request was accepted and the date of May 24 fixed.

Curious, however, when Rome (The Ecclesia Dei Commission) changed the reason of its celebration and invoked it as a “celebration” in honour of the 25th anniversary of John Paul II’s pontificate and in thanksgiving for the 1988 Motu Proprio. Why celebrate something that was given initially as a pure tolerance, as a gracious concession to keep the nostalgic happy? Why celebrate the Pope‘s anniversary with a Mass that he himself rejects? Consider the possible reasons: it was therefore either a “celebration” of (1) the granted “tolerance” itself, or (2) of the “liberation” of the true Mass, or (3) of the counter-weapon installed against the Society (in order to draw as many souls away from us as possible), or (4) of the “good will” of the pope in granting this indult.

It could not possibly be the first since a tolerance is never celebrated. On the contrary, one always seeks the first opportunity of doing away with a tolerance the moment the reason of its institution disappears. How about the second? Traditionalist might indeed celebrate such an event, but modern Rome? It would be paramount in acknowledging that the Tridentine Mass was unlawfully locked-up. This they would never concede.

The third reason could be true. One readily celebrates the installation of a new weapon that has been proven to be effective against the enemy and has thereby aided one greatly in one’s cause. Was it so in the case of using the True Mass as a weapon against the Society? It seems to me that initially, or accidentally, it may have been so, but, finally, it has certainly drawn more souls away from the new mass and less from the Society than what Rome had expected. If the last be true, it gives no cause for celebration, unless, Rome hopes to try out the weapon once more in perhaps a more sophisticated way. Nevertheless, I doubt that this would be the case.

It seems to me that number 4 is the only answer. Claiming it as a “celebration” of good will on the part of the pope, is saying that the Tridentine Mass has never more enjoyed any right since the introduction of the new mass. It has now become a gift for those who really still feel an attraction to it. It is therefore now a gesture for which we should be grateful. It is not the Mass for which we must be grateful, but for the gesture of charity.

Nevertheless, it is also true that Rome is bound to face up to the problem of the Tridentine Mass. It is also true that a few more voices among the cardinals are heard, not in favour of the Mass, but at least acknowledging that it is an issue of relative importance. (See page 7). Whatever be the case, it is very clear that the battle for the True Mass is winning ground. Rome cannot ignore it. Remains, however, the fact that it is not simply a battle for the Mass, but a battle for the integrity of the faith. This, dear friends, remains our preoccupation, it remains deep in our prayers. We have confidence in Our Lady who said; “in the end, my immaculate Heart will triumph.

Keep good courage. May God bless you.