Alright so the last one was too difficult? (last month’s solutions can be found below).
Well here’s a simple one. (next time it be a big sweat!)



Crossword Clues


4. God so loved the … so as to send His only begotten Son
7. At games you must not …
10. The first Pope
11. From whom we get the Original sin
12. Large river in Egypt
15. The time in which we fast in order to prepare for Easter
18. God is a …
20. The Holy Ghost came down upon Jesus in the form of a …
21. By sin, men become …
26. We must always seek to do the … of God
27. We must .. God with all our hearts
29. The Sacrament by which we receive the Holy Ghost
31. The seventh commandment: “Thou shalt not …”
33. The Archangel who defends us from the Devil
36. The day upon which Jesus rose from the dead
39. By which we offend God
40. The Sacred … of Jesus
43. The man who offers the Holy Mass
44. How many Gods are there?
45. We are not to eat this on Fridays
47. The Mother of Jesus
48. Baptism and Penance are the two sacraments of the …
49. The country into which Mary, Joseph and Jesus had to flee.


1. The eye, is the … of the soul
2. … unto me my sister, … unto me! (a passage from the Canticle of canticles)
3. The Son of God
4. What we use for Baptism
5. The king who wrote many of the Psalms
6. The Apostle to the Gentiles
8. We adore Jesus in the …
9. The whole law depends on how many commandments
13. Mary is our … in heaven
14. We must always … our Father and our Mother
16. In which the Apostles caught the fish
17. The part of us that will never die
19. .. you love me, you will keep my commandements
22. Upon which Jesus died
23. Where Jesus was born
24. In which is contained the written word of God
25. The Foster Father of Jesus
28. Adam’s wife
29. The mount upon which Jesus died
30. At baptism, we give the child a Christian ….
32. God gave Moses … Commandments on Mt. Sinai
34. St. Martin gave his … to the beggar
35. The time before Christmas
37. Jesus calmed the … at the astonishment of the Apostles
38. There are how many sacraments
39. When Jesus touched his eyes he was able to … again
41. The colour of the martyrs
42. The creator of the world
46. God said to Moses; “I .. He Who am.”