2003 January/Editorial

Bishop Tissier de Mallerias

Dear Friends & Benefactors

It is my joy to be able to build upon the beautiful foundation laid down by my predecessor, Fr. Gerspacher. I hope and pray that the new Nova et Vetera may continue and bear good fruit, especially as an instrument for the conversion of many souls. I placed the picture of the Immaculate Heart on the first cover so as to express our filial submission to her and ask her to bless this endeavour. “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph,” she had predicted. May we be so bold as to submit this magazine to her as an instrument to hasten the triumph.

Our little school of St. John the Baptist came to a close for the year on the 29th of November. As the children each gave a little performance on the piano or in song, my heart was filled with joy and sadness. Joy for these children, … sadness for so many who ought to receive such an education. Why are there so few? Do parents simply not understand the importance of a good Catholic education? The Canon law of the Church insists that parents see to it that their children attend a Catholic school. I do not know of any other good Catholic school in the whole of South Africa. They are all imbued and infested with modernism which is a true poison of the soul.

True and good Catholic education forms not only the mind of the child, but his will also, in fact, his whole person. Form the mind only and you have a computer. Form only his will and you have a machine, form the whole person in Catholic truth and you have a child who is ripe for the grace of God unto sanctification.

Oh how I pray that parents may understand these things and receive with gratitude this gift of a truly Catholic school which has been placed by the Merciful God on their very doorstep.

May God and His Holy Mother bless and guide you always.

Servus Mariae
Fr. C. Daniels