Editorial November

n the meantime, His Excellency, Bishop Tissier de Mallerias has been with us. The feast of Christ the King was splendid. A beautiful Pontifical High Mass, followed by a public procession with the Blessed Sacrament. It was glorious. I have added two photos for you.

In his homily, the bishop explained the principles of the Social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ and also stressed the importance of the enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the family. It is in the family that children already learn and take to heart this important and beautiful doctrine of the Social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He also stressed the importance of truly Catholic schools for our children where the whole of their education may be imbued with the faith.

By now, most of you would have received the “census” forms which I request that you fill in and send or give back to us. These forms will help your priests to help you and your children. By having a closer knowledge of the sacramental state of you and your children, they will be able to better determine your needs. Also, I would like to sometimes send out letters to you and therefore need your addresses. Please be so kind as to cooperate is this matter.

This is the last Nova and Vetera for this year. Hopefully, if all goes well, next year you will be presented with a Nova and Vetera which will be bigger, fuller and richer. We are planning it to be professionally printed which will give you a better quality … especially in the pictures! The magazine will also be produced every second month which will give us more time to give you something worthwhile and substantial. The subscription will be R150 per year, which, hopefully, will cover the cost of printing.

Our new calendar for 2003 is also a beautiful one, depicting the life of St. Pius X in real-life photos. Please do order your copy(ies) as soon as possible since there is only a limited number available. The order form is found in this magazine.

It is no doubt far too early, but, since I will no longer address you before Christmas, I take this opportunity to wish you one and all a holy Advent preparation and a blessed Christmas.

May God and His Holy Mother bless and guide you always.