Editorial May 2001

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Our contact with the supernatural seems sometimes very distant and in these times of chaos it may seem that God has forgotten about us and our needs. But the eyes of children are still often open to the workings of Almighty God and the Blessed Virgin Mary on a simpler level than discourses of theology. In the chapel of Rue de Bac where Our Lady first appeared to St. Catherine LabourĂ© and gave her the Miraculous Medal, this same good Mother has chosen to continue her miracles. A small boy with an incurable disease was taken there by his mother, hoping that God would still cure him, and told him to put his hand on the chair where Our Lady sat and talked to St. Catherine. The boy went before the chair, while the mother looked on. Later, after it was discovered that the boy was cured of his disease, he was asked, “But why did you not put your hand on the chair like I said?” He merely replied that, “Well, I couldn’t because a lady was sitting on the chair.” A Lady whom he assumed everyone else could see as he did. Or a different kind of miracle which happened in the same church, of a mother who sent her daughter of 8 to ask our Lady what she must do in this situation of the Church. The mother waited outside while the daughter went in, to ask Our Lady, “Where must I go to Mass?” to which the reply came back, “To St. Nicholas”. Which is the Society of St. Pius X church in Paris. The mother, not satisfied with this, sent the daughter back saying, but these are the excommunicated and schismatic people. Again the child came back with another answer, saying “because there is the true Church”. Now the mother was not easily convinced, and the question and answers went on for 3 weeks, with the child giving many references to encyclicals of the previous Popes and Councils which condemn the actions of the present Popes which she had received from the Lady in Rue de Bac. So in face of this evidence the mother was convinced to return to the True Mass and so remains there to this day. What consolation to know Our Lady watches over us and helps those truly of good will. Let us not cease to have intercession to Our Blessed Mother for our spiritual and material needs, and to whom we offer a special Rosary throughout this month of May before the Blessed Sacrament exposed, for the particular intentions of all our faithful and benefactors. God bless.