The Rosary Mission at Roodepoort Priory

Fr. Marie-Dominique and Fr. Thomas


The Rosary Mission at Roodepoort Priory was preached by 2 French Dominicans. Fr. Marie-Dominique and Fr. Thomas. The 3 days were well attended, both here and Durban, during which the 2 Fathers gave meditations on all the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, a sermon at the end as well as a number of hymns, coming from the writings of St. Louis de Montfort. At the end many faithful took the opportunity to join the Confraternity of the  Holy  Rosary  and  to   have  the special Dominican indulgences attached to their Rosaries. This confraternity enables the lovers of the Holy Rosary to form a powerful army to which we can apply the words of St. Cyprian, “We have a public and common prayer, and when we pray it isn’t for only one of us but for all the people because we are as one.”


Fr.  Marie-Dominique preaching  at the Rosary Mission in the typical Dominican habit and cape in the church of Our Lady of Sorrows. The Dominicans also gave us a chance to come into contact with another religious order in Tradition, with their own special spirituality. Besides the monks in  Avrille, France, there is a cloistered community of contemplative Dominican nuns nearby. Either are open to vocations from South Africa, although a knowledge of French would be most useful. However provisions can be made for postulants to be bordered in France to first  learn  the  language.   Without  any respite from the labours the 2 Fathers also gave a 5 day men’s retreat, using the Carmelite retreat centre in Benoni. All in all a great outpouring of graces in RSA.