2001 October/Round and About

The redone sanctuary in Our Lady of the Holy Rosary church, Durban.
Wooden panels originally separated the back wall from the main body of the church,
forming a sacristry.
The area behind the wall was converted into a new sacristry (it was a former ablutions block),
and then the panels were removed and two doors were pierced through the back wall.
Niches were made for the statues.


The recently constructed choir loft. Originally, the choir stood at the back of the church

The side chapel dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady, at the back of the church.
It is a little gem, to be completed once carved oak Communion rails are placed in front to set it off
from the main part of the church. to the left is the porch and above it the choir loft.


A view of the new sacristry.
Cupboards have yet to be built for the albs, cassocks and other items.