2001 November/Editoria

Dear Friends and Benefactors.

The last Sunday of October saw a great festival in honour of Our Lord Jesus Christ celebrated at the Roodepoort Priory with a solemn High Mass, something which we manage only once or twice a year. Fr. Esposito Prior of Durban Priory came for the occasion and stayed on a few days to spend some days with the community. The special significance of Feast of Christ the King, gives us as Catholics the chance to publicly proclaim our Faith in and devotion to Our Divine Redeemer. Following the High Mass, beautifully sung by Fr. Wall and his small band of singers, singing the St. Cecilia Mass and some motets, the congregation of some 200 made its way out onto the streets surrounding the Priory in a procession. The servers led with a dozen flower girls dropping rose-petals for the passage of Our Lord carried aloft by Fr. Esposito. The congregation doing their part by singing and the praying of the Rosary, led again by Fr. Wall on a megaphone. The first benediction was in the field adjoining the Priory and then we returned to the Church for the final blessing. Many faithful stayed on for a lunch and social. We look forward to next year’s already. The fruits of such feasts please God will see a greater willingness to stand up for our faith. Another work that goes in hand with this feast is the St. Pius X Men’s Guild, which has been running for about a year. It unites the men of the parish together for a talk from the Chaplain on perhaps an Encyclical of one of the Popes, some time for questions and answers, and then the meeting addresses various current affairs that the men are invited to be involved in. The goals of the Guild are Doctrine, Piety and Action. So, they were needed for the Procession of Christ the King, carrying the Canopy for Our Lord, directing traffic. Another work is in the area of helping the poor. For some months now the men have collected food from an organization nearby, which helps to feed 25,000 people weekly. Our destination though is to some 40 preschool children who receive food, and enough to take home to their families. A project which Dr. John has been trying to establish for 2 years, that will help with a few of the thousands of poor children in the shanty towns one finds all around Johannesburg. The women have not been forgotten, as they have not forgotten the Priory in their many errands done with out song or praise. But on the same 2 Saturdays that the men meet every month, a number of women meet with Sr. Maria de las Lagrimas for some inspirational spiritual lessons. It is called for the moment Our Lady’s Women’s League. We have included a number of photos of other activities round and about which there isn’t space to talk of here. Keep us in your prayers as we also pray daily for your intentions. God Bless.