Dear Friends and Benefactors,

As Catholics there is much that we may expect from the hands of Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and earth, for She is the Mother of God. She is the co-Redemptrix with Our Divine Lord at the foot of the Cross. Wherever Mary has been honoured, there Christianity, which is to say the society in which it was lived, has flourished. Proper devotion to Mary, first, places the woman within the proper framework of her true end and glory. While it involves a subordination of women to men, through Mary this subordination is made admirable by achieving man’s redemption, and making her the first among all created beings. Through; Mary, we have a proper morality governing men and women, especially regarding Christian modesty. Then too, marital fidelity is able to reign, and where there is marital fidelity there is stability in society. If there is one root cause of poverty in our society it is clearly found in this lack of marital fidelity, for where the immorality to the degree which we see in our society exists, we cannot but expect the evils of chaos and poverty to follow. When it is said, that one should be “Mary like” it has much further reaching consequences than just saying a few Hail Marys or wearing a long dress. It involves the very restoration of society and Christian civilisation. If we want God’s law to reign in this country or any other, it will only, came with the Catholic Faith, it will only come through Mary and Her Immaculate Heart. Let young and old not just take up or renew their devotion to Mary but also live in perfect love of our Queen and Mother.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Gerspacher