This “Creed” was found at the foot of the bed of a dying man. It was written in simple, large letters, to remind him of truths too often forgotten when people are ill.

1. I believe that my crosses and sorrows are a part of the providence of God.

2. I believe that for those who love God, all things work together for the best.

3. I believe that my life on earth is only a stopping-off place on the way to eternity.

4. I believe that God never sends pain merely to harass me, or that it will be beyond my endurance.

5. I believe that my sickness is a signal from God to teach me patience, and to help me prepare for eternity.

6. I believe that complaining against God because of my sickness is unjust and sinful.

7. I believe that through sicknesses I can atone for my sins and for sins of others.

8. I believe that through sickness I can be a richer and better person.

9. I believe that my patience can be a good example to the healthy, and that I can teach them that accepting God’s will is one of the surest ways to heaven.

10. I believe that my sickness is a special letter from God in which He says: “I love you and this is the way I want you to prepare for your everlasting home with me in heaven.