2001 June/Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Please note that the Mass timetable is given for July and not for June since many will only receive this newsletter in mid-June. Perhaps our editor could use some help to get the originals to the printer a couple of weeks earlier. Which is to say that a lot of time goes into preparation of our simple newsletter and that almost single handed. It is a task nevertheless – for which we are grateful that Fr Swanton has willingly undertaken for some years now. This is also the year which sees a number of priests and religious taking their month’s leave home which for us is only every 3 years rather than every 2 years which is the custom in the rest of the Society. This because we simply cannot afford the airfares that this involves. As it is, this year, Fr. Alessio is presently at home in New Jersey, Sr. Elizabeth Maria is also now at home in America, and I have already been home. Needless to say all this is an enormous drain on our resources. An invitation was given to us by Fr. Peter Scott; Superior of the U.S. District to make a fund-raising tour. So already at the end of this month Fr. Wall will leave for a 3 week tour of the Southern States and some mid-west States: He will present the difficulties of our apostolate with a slide presentation. He will also speak of our opening apostolates in Soweto and Umlazi as well as Kenya. Fr. Gerard Ockerse recently made a successful visit of Nairobi, and will travel there again at the end of July to give a men’s retreat as well as Sunday Masses in Nairobi, Mombassa and Nakuru. Let us pray for the success of this new apostolate.

Yours in the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Fr. Loren Gerspacher