2001 Jan Dec/Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

December as usual is a busy month. This year the retreat for the priests and religious in Southern Africa takes place at the Priory of Our Lady of Sorrows. We invited the traditional Dominican monks from AvrillĂ©, France to send us one of their priests to preach the retreat. They replied that they were happy to do so, but they only travel in twos. Having agreed to two coming we found they wanted to do more for us while they were here. Being known for their devotion to the Rosary, a Rosary Mission of 3 days, two and a half hours each day was duly arranged, one in Roodepoort (from 30th Nov. – 2nd Dec.) and one in Durban (from 15th – 17th December). The logistics and cost simply prevent us from sending them everywhere. For the few days in between a men’s retreat is arranged for the 9th – 14th December at the Carmelite Retreat House in Benoni. Then the Christmas visits to the Cape and Namibia take place as usual. This year, however, no children’s camps are possible, mainly for want of a venue. In January, Fr. C. Daniels, now Rector of Holy Cross Seminary in Australia, will be at home for some weeks and will use his visit especially to preach on the ever pressing need of more priestly vocations.

The past year is full of many things for which we must thank our generous faithful, here and overseas. May the Divine Child, fill you with all blessings this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

Fr. L. Gerspacher