2001 February/Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Whilst filling in for Fr. Gerspacher—away until the middle of the month in Canada—let me make two appeals:

a) for contributions from readers who feel they are competent to write on topics appropriate to Nova et Vetera, e.g. the situation in the Church; events in the world inasmuch as they impact on Catholics; spiritual topics; “Catholic life” subjects, i.e. the problems involved in living as a Catholic today and their solutions; historical subjects; etc., etc. Submissions are printed at the discretion of the editor, but will not be altered in any way without first informing the author.

b) for questions for the ‘Things People Ask’ column. I prefer using authentic questions as opposed to making them up myself.

In the time leading up to Lent (which begins on the last day of this month) it is good to remember that on earth we are part of the Church militant and thus have, or should have, the life of spiritual soldiers. This means not trying to get too comfortable in this world, concentrating rather on being faithful to our duty of state, seeing in every little act of charity, every little mortification, every little unpleasant job done because it is God’s will, a part of our preparation for Heaven where our true happiness lies. Soldiers do take time off and relax, but what matters for them is the effort of duty, and what keeps them going is the hope that one day they will win the war and come home to a land fit for heroes to live in. For us the hope is a certainty if only we will make the effort now, helped by God’s grace, and learn to wait patiently for the bliss to come.

In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Justin Swanton