2000 May Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Being in the Easter Season, we are reminded in particular by the Easter Vigil ceremonies and the Easter Week following to be ever thankful for the grace of Baptism. Our Baptism perhaps as infants or the great blessing of turning to God and His Truth later in life is perhaps only appreciated as we grow in age, wisdom and grace. Whenever we are cleansed in the waters of Baptism it is certainly the first of all the important graces of our lives, St. John Viannev as a child used to lead the other children into the Village church to honour the Baptismal font where all of them had been made Children of God. The font where you were baptized may not be so memorable but we ought all the same to thank and love God for His grace in us.

Looking at our Baptismal registers over the past few years shows a steady flow of Baptismal waters. Between Durban and Roodepoort priories, we have had 33 baptisms in 198, 43 in 1999 and already 11 in 2000, these last but 2 being infants. While there are usually more infants baptized there has been every year not a few older children said adults, about 20 in the 3 years mentioned. I imagine the numbers for the Harare priory, are comparable. So it is that the Good God continues to lead souls to the infallible truths of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith.

May we live-always and in the love of our Baptismal grace,

Fr. L. Gerspacher