2000 March/Saint Joseph

he true worth and excellence of the privileges granted to St. Joseph cannot be fully understood or appreciated this side of heaven. To form some idea of them, we must consider the words of the. Evangelist, “And He was subject to them.” The Son of God obeyed Joseph and Marry for thirty years! This humble obedience of Jesus teaches us that the dignity of Joseph is above that of all the other saints, except that of the Queen of Saints.

Our Lady revealed to St. Bridget that St. Joseph often said these beautiful words. “Heaven grant that I may live so as to accomplish the will of my God.” The Holy Virgin also added, “Therefore it is that the glory of St. Joseph is now so great.”

Theologians teach that the amount of grace acquired in this life is the measure of the glory to be received in heaven. If this is so, we may be sure that St. Joseph’s place in heaven is an extremely high one. St. Paul explains that it is a fundamental law of God, that when He chooses a person to accomplish any great work the grace necessary to the task will be given.

In order to appreciate the divine favours granted to St. Joseph, we must reflect on the graces he was given and the confidence placed in him by the three Divine Persons.

God the Father gave him his Son-making him master of His only Son;

God the Son gives Himself in Person to him — to be directed by him and to obey him;

God the Holy Spirit confides to him His Spouse, Mary, to be her guardian and as head of the family of God

Gerson believed that St. Joseph resembled Our Lord perfectly, in order to avoid any slur to Himself or to Our Lady. He was also not old, as some pictures show, as this could not have been fitting as a father and husband.

It is interesting to note the parallels between the privileges granted to St. Joseph and those granted to the other saints.