2000 March/Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Lent, Lent! Lent? How will it be spent? All too quickly we say the time passes, as weeks and months slip by. But come Lent, and we are quickly counting the days till it passes, human nature being what it is. Lent is a special season of penance and what better penance than that which the Church has always given. If possible following the ancient fast of Lent, so that we really feel it; to avoid all eating between meals, besides the abstinence from meat not just on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday but all Fridays and Ember days.

Lent is also a special season of prayer and we ought to have something definite to pray for. To pray for true sorrow, to overcome some bad habit, for the conversion of a sinner, for souls in purgatory, to obtain a greater love of Our Lord’s Passion, or Our Lady’s Sorrows, for a holy death. Fix on something you long for, and pray for it. If we so fix our intention for prayer, let us also not fail in our attention to our prayers, being devout and earnest. In this we have the remembrance of Our Lord’s sufferings and the Cross of Christ to help our weakness. Lent is only 40 days but heaven is for eternity.

May we find in the Passion of Our Lord all the strength we have need of.

Fr. L. Gerspacher