2000 June/Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

In this month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus we can be reminded of the genuine conversion that we are all in need of. Our Lard lamented that both charity and the faith would grow cold and dim on earth and perhaps at no time as now when the world in general is engulfed in a tide of materialism which is also atheistic. Against its siren call, countless souls are falling prey to it. Countless souls being damned for all eternity. Many simply become indifferent to any call from the God above. Could it happen to us? Myself? If we do not pray and pray with perseverance, it would be quite easy. We excuse ourselves perhaps saying that the world demands more and more of our time, just to survive is more and more of a battle. Yet Our Lord opens to us His Heart with all the more desire for our conversion and perseverance. “Come to Me all you that labour and I will refresh you.” It is not in comforts and pleasures that our seals will be refreshed and strengthened.

Let us ask the Sacred Heart for increase of vocations and thank Him far those He has sent to us. In particular Fr. Suresh from India who arrived in the mid of May, while just a week later John Maria Mbaro of Kenya left us after a year and a half; to finish his novitiate in the Philippines. With one young Johannesburger finishing the first year of seminary we are hoping to send another Capetonian along later this year. “O Lord, grant us many holy priests and religious vocations.”

Yours in the Sacred Heart,

Fr. L. Gerspacher