2000 July/Editoria

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

The Priestly Ordinations in June have added to our ranks another 13 Priests; 2 in Winona, 7 in Ecône and 4 in Zaitzkofen. This brings the number of priests in the Society to 401 plus there will be another 4 or 5, God willing, in La Reja later in the year. This is certainly cause for rejoicing and yet there is always cause for concern for the perseverance of these and all priests. It should be of interest to our faithful to know that there is a specific apostolate to pray for priests, their sanctification, “the conversion of those who have fallen into error or heresy; the strengthening of the weak; the perseverance of the faithful Priests and the souls of Priests in Purgatory, with particular prayers for the Pope and the Hierarchy. No Priest is excluded from our prayers.” The ‘Apostolate of Prayers for Priests’ began in Australia in 1989 with the blessing of Archbishop Lefebvre and now has members in 13 other countries. It is open to all practicing Traditional Catholics who wish to join with the general intentions of the Apostolate and who may ‘adopt’ a particular priest for whom they wish to pray regularly. If interested please write to The Apostalate of Prayers for Priests, c/o Teresa Smith 11 Nemesia ave., CARINGBAH NSW 2229, Australia. For these and all yours prayers we are most grateful.

Yours faithfully

Fr. L. Gerspacher