2000 July/Bishop Williamson

Interesting pieces of information come out of Rome. No doubt many of them are known to you from other sources where they are more fully and accurately reported than in this letter. Let us give here a composite picture of events with the factors at work today which must govern the details also for tomorrow.

Firstly, when I was in Italy for several days after Easter, I came across a book called “Bugle di sangue in Vaticano”, or, “Bloody lies in the Vatican”. Cast your minds back two years to early May of 1998. You may remember the media at that time reporting the bloody triple killing, in the Pontifical Swiss Guard’s quarters inside the Vatican buildings in Rome, of the Commanding Officer of the Swiss Guard, and his wife, and a young vice-corporal of the same Swiss Guard.

The Pope‘s spokesman or main officer for the Press, Joaquin Navarro-Valls, immediately gave out, and the world’s media followed him in declaring, that the young vice-corporal had in a fit of clinical madness or out of personal jealousy (of a kind in accordance with or against nature – we could take our pick) gunned down his commander and wife, and then turned his gun on himself. With this version of the events coming from the Vatican and the media, the world seemed to be content, and so in the great flow of world news the sensational shedding of blood inside the head-quarters of the Catholic Church soon dropped out of view as a nine- or perhaps three-day wonder.

The story told in “Bugle di sangue” is somewhat different. Inside the Vatican the liberal-liberal organization of Freemasonry is all-powerful, and it has since the 1970’s established its own police force inside the Vatican, called the “Corpo della Vigilanza” (Vigilance Brigade), to control happenings around the Pope. Now rises in the 1980’s “Opus Dei”, a conservative-liberal organization favoured by Pope John Paul II, because he can like liberal principles to be applied in a relatively conservative way. To exploit and consolidate its own influence around the Pope, “Opus Dei” set up in the late 90’s one of its members to become Commander of the Swiss Guard, so that the Swiss Guard would become the effective police of the Vatican. For months the Freemasons succeeded in delaying this man’s nomination as Commander, but at last on May 4, 1998, his appointment was announced. Within nine hours of that official announcement he lay in a pool of blood with his wife, and a “culprit” conveniently dead, on the floor of his apartment.

The Vatican Secretariat of State wanted the Commander and his wife to be buried with all honors, the young vice-corporal to be treated like a suicide. The previous Swiss Guard Commander, called back in haste to fill provisionally the gap left by his successor’s untimely death, would have none of it. He had all three victims buried with equal honours. He knew. He does not talk. Nor do a host of people inside the Vatican talk, although they also know, just like in Dallas after the 1963 murder of J. F. Kennedy. People have a funny way of wishing to live. Freemasonry is powerful. And it is ruthless. And it is in command (humanly speaking) inside the Vatican. That is why out of the Vatican in its present state there is nothing to be expected except world-wide lies and bloody murder. As Archbishop Lefebvre used to say, we do not know the small part of the evil reigning inside this Vatican. And of course the media fall in line, being controlled by the same people as control the Vatican.

This Vatican plays with organizations under its control that seek to defend the Catholic Faith, like a cat plays with mice. Apparently Msgr. Wach, head of the Institute of Christ the King, sent the Institute’s seminarians home from its seminary in Gricigliano after Easter, with no date fixed for their return – “for financial reasons”. Like putting their money on the Traditional Liturgy?

As for St. Peter’s Fraternity, it appears that the Superior General, so “generously re-instated” by the Vatican, as we were told, at their crisis meeting in February, wanted to demote a disloyal District Superior (no names), but was prevented from doing so by the Vatican – because the latter was loyal to Rome? Some “re-instatement”! Nor is Rome accepting any longer the “secret” agreement it accepted in February whereby priests of St. Peter’s will not celebrate the New Mass at any other time so long as they may concelebrate it with their diocesan bishop on Maundy Thursday – because so few actually did so this last April 20?

But if you let the fox into the hen-house, how do you expect it not to eat the hens? Just how long will all these conservative Catholics go on blaming Archbishop Lefebvre for not letting the Roman fox into his chicken-coops? How much more evidence do they need? One person in the case of the Swiss Guard murders who at least for a while – and maybe still – would not keep her ‑mouth shut, was the mother of the murdered vice-corporal. But then she is a protestant. What Americans might call the “knee-jerk” obedience of “Catholics” was hugely responsible for Vatican II, and still is for these on-going crimes of the Vatican.

It seems that Archbishop Perl, secretary of the Vatican’s “Ecclesia Dei” Pontifical Commission which was designed and created in 1988 to bring “Lefebvrists” back into the “Church”, was not pleased by any of the four copies he received of a flyer comparing him to Lewis Carroll’s Carpenter who with the Walrus ate up all the petrified oysters. Yet he continues to invite those not  yet petrified to take that fatal walk with him! Thus numbers of you saw in last months issue of “Inside the Vatican” the article entitled “Rome’s new ‘Game Plan’: Heal the Lefebvre schism”. One has to ask: is the journalist who wrote it (no names) an idiot, or is he (like so many of his profession) a prostitute? The article relates how Archbishop Perl appealed with “openness” and a “warm paternal welcome” for Lefebvrists to “unite” their “living forces” with those of the mainstream Church in order to resist the common enemy, triumphant atheism! Some “change of game plan”! The same mouth that is dripping from its meal of petrified oysters appeals for a meal of pious oysters, and it is supposed to have changed? This Perl is a jewel in the crown of world atheism! At least objectively he is another worldwide liar and bloodless murderer of the Catholic Church.

We come to the most important news items of all coming recently from Rome — the promises to reveal the so called Third Secret of Fatima. Readers will recall that the Mother of God, after giving to the three little shepherd children of Fatima, Portugal, in July 1917, a terrifying vision of Hell (first Secret), and after giving her famous prophecy of Russia spreading its errors all over the world if her requests were not heeded (second Secret), finally gave to Sister Lucy a message which she was to give to her bishop, and which was to be made known as soon as she died, or in 1960 at the latest, if Sister Lucy was then still alive. This message, known as the Third Secret, was taken out of that bishop’s possession by the Vatican in 1957, and it was guarded in Rome. When 1960 came, since Sister Lucy was still alive, the Catholic world awaited with bated breath the revelation of the Third Secret by the Vatican. But the Vatican refused to reveal it. It declared that instead of the Third Secret’s having to be made known by 1960, it might be made known from 1960 (lie), a decision depending on the Pope (lie), who, then John XXIII, read the Third Secret and declared that it did not concern his pontificate (lie).

This refusal of Rome to publish the Third Secret is merely one amongst several indications that, in the words of Cardinal Oddi to an Italian newspaper in March of 1990, “The Blessed Virgin was alerting us against apostasy in the Church”. It stands to reason that neither John XXIII nor his entourage planning in 1960 their revolution of Vatican II wanted to make known that the Blessed Virgin condemned it. That is why the Third Secret has remained smothered in a Vatican drawer and Vatican lies ever since.

Until May 13, one month ago. Then Pope John Paul II visited Fatima to celebrate there the beatification of Francisco and Jacinta, Sister Lucy’s two little companions of 1917, who both died within a few years of the original apparitions. At the end of the Mass of Beatification, the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, gave an address in which he announced that “the Pope has charged the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with making public the third part of the Secret, after the preparation of an appropriate commentary”. What had happened?

It looks as though the Mother of God reached through to Pope John Paul II. It looks as though, moved by grace at beatifying two of the three Fatima children and/or at recalling his own rescue from assassination on May 13, 1981, a rescue which he attributed to Our Lady of Fatima, he made two personal decisions, both opposed by his Secretariat of State. The first was himself to go to Fatima one month ago for the occasion. The second was to reveal on that occasion the Third Secret.

The Secretariat of State tried but failed to prevent his going. It arrived at a compromise with the Pope over the Third Secret’s being published, firstly by the Secretary of State and not the Pope being the one to announce the publication, secondly by that publication being delayed for “the preparation of an appropriate commentary”. The announcement’s being made by Cardinal Sodano enabled him immediately to start the Vatican’s “spin doctoring” and “damage control”, in case the Third Secret does finally have to appear. As for the delay in publication, it may enable the Vatican’s criminals to stifle the Third Secret once more.

For indeed to begin with the world was told by Vatican spokesman… Joaquin Navarro‑Valls… that the Secret would be published “within days” of Cardinal Sodano’s announcement on May 13. Then the Vatican promised publication for the end of May. Most recently Cardinal Ratzinger wrote in a May 19 Italian newspaper article, which continued the “spin doctoring”, that the Third Secret will be published “at the latest” by mid‑June. I do not know about you, dear readers, but I for one will not be holding my breath in a few days’ time.

Yet all of these human shenanigans will not stop the Mother of God from achieving her purpose in God’s good time. She wishes and she works to save the souls even of her bitterest enemies. If the Third Secret is, by a miracle of hers, finally published in its true text, it will make its own way despite the worst that this Vatican can do. It might even mark the beginning of the end of our 40 years in the desert of the neo‑modernist revolution in the Church. That is why the Devil is doing all he can to smother it. Let us have patience. God will of course have the last word.

In the late evening of Ascension Day my mother died in England. She did not die in the Catholic Church. She had free-will, and her mind was strong to the end. But I know that many of you prayed for her, and I wish to thank every single one of you. Now she knows. May God have been able to have mercy upon her soul. How wisely He keeps such secrets from us.

Enclosed is a flyer advertising Seminary tapes, some new, many old. I continually recommend the Doctrinal Sessions on the papal Encyclicals, because here is the ever old, ever new, teaching of the Popes against the errors of the apostasy engulfing us. “The truth is mighty, and will prevail”.

Most sincerely yours in the Sacred Heart,