2000 February/Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Almost every centre in Southern Africa was able to host the visit of His Excellency Bishop Williamson last December. There were certainly many graces especially with the conferring of Confirmations as well as through the many sermons and conferences that the Bishop gave. For his part, he was not disappointed by what he saw and enjoyed his 3 weeks among us. Now though it is time to put into practice the graces we have received. Graces of encouragement and gratitude for the gift of our Catholic Faith. All who attended the ceremonies were certainly inspired to continue with greater strength and hope. Perhaps not with a hope for things material even in our chapels but with a spiritual hope. Nevertheless, we can not hope to retain even the little we have without the spirit of gratitude and sacrifice. By our sacrifices we will show our gratitude, and because we are grateful we will make the sacrifices God asks of us. For instance, with fewer priests, we will pray that God grant us many priests; we will be slower to complain about Mass times which are inconvenient; we will make every effort to attend the Holy Mass when it is at our Mass centre, and so on.

May God grant us to live more God-centered in this new year, and to live with greater simplicity of Faith, Hope and Charity. The members of the Society continue to ask your prayers and generosity to us in the work of the Catholic Church.

Yours in Christ

Fr. L. Gerspacher