2000 December Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Our end of the year is always a busy one with the priests making the rounds to the various Mass centres for the Christmas season. The camps for children, this year only a 10-day girls camp which involves the 2 Oblate Sisters and one priest. But more on that in January. Now with the end of school there is also a chance for the Headmaster to get some rest with a well deserved trip to visit his parents in England. Speaking of the parish School which has just finished 5 years of achievement, we are very grateful to the teachers who have given themselves to the task of educating, often with little thanks from the children themselves. But then they are just children. Even though the number of students has remained small (11 in grades 1 to 7) the amount of work that goes into them is still considerable, being a full time job for 3 teachers and even 4 if we had them. Alas one teacher is leaving and another may relocate early next year. We also thank the parents who have given their trust to the school which is not a small thing today. Let us pray that God will help us find a way to keep the school open. We have enjoyed a fruitful and prosperous year in the school, may it so continue.

Yours faithfully,

Fr. L. Gerspacher