2000 August September/Editorial.htm

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

The month of August sees the end of one pilgrimage conducted by Fr. Esposito with great results for the South Africans who accompanied him and the beginning of another pilgrimage for the 2 Oblate Sisters and myself as well as a few other South Africans at the official Society pilgrimage in Rome from the 8-10 of August. This is followed by a meeting of the Society’s Superiors from around the world at our house in Albano from the 11-14 of August. We hope that this pilgrimage will be as memorable as the one in June. The Sisters are staying on in Europe for another 2 weeks in order to make their yearly Retreat but with many of the other Oblate Sisters. It is also a opportune time to renew the spirit of their religious life with other Oblate Sisters. The Holy Year gives us an opportunity to gain a plenary indulgence either for oneself or far the Poor Souls. If one cannot go to Rome and visit the Basilicas of Rome one can stilt gain the indulgence by visiting either the Cathedral of the diocese or the designated churches. There one must either take part in a liturgical service, or perform an exercise of prayer such as, the Way of the Gross or the Rosary, or, make a personal meditation for some time ending with an Our Father, Hail Mary and Creed. The usual conditions apply.

Since the Priory is shorthanded the month of August there wilt not be a separate Nova et Vetera for September but this will be a somewhat expanded issue for the 2 months. Till October then let us remain ever united in prayer.

Fr. L. Gerspacher