1999 October/Editorial

Dear faithful,

October being the month of the rosary is a time to muse on the fact that humanly little and very ordinary things can be of great importance in the eyes of Almighty God. The rosary’ is a very ordinary farm of prayer—to a non-catholic it may even seem a mindless repetition-but if it is said faithfully and well it may make all the difference between keeping the Faith and saving one’s soul, or losing both.

Here are the dates and places Bishop Williamson will be conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation during his visit in southern Africa in November/December:—

28 November:
5 December:
12 December:
14 December:
16 December:
19 December:
Cape Town
Port Elizabeth


Work on the altar for the chapel at Roodepoort is progressing nicely, and construction of the baldacchino that will overhang is has commenced. By December we should have a very beautiful sanctuary that will certainly foster a spirit of reverence and prayer, besides being a prayer itself.

With all my best wishes.

In Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Justin Swanton