1999 November/Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

We continue to see how the modernists are very clever in denying the unchangeable Catholic teachings. Such is the case with the Pope‘s denial, speaking as a private theologian and not as the Vicar of Christ, that Heaven and Hell are places where the saved or damned are sent by God. Clever they are in that the Pope just avoids denying a formal dogma since the Church has not pronounced formally on the reality of hell-fire or the place of blessed in heaven. Nevertheless as any Catholic theologian of the past would tell us, “It is the universal conviction of Catholics that heaven is a definite place in the universe.” (Fr. J.P. Arendzen in The Teachings of the Catholic Church). As to the reality of hell and its fire, “it is certainly contained in Holy Scripture, in the Fathers (whose interpretation of Scripture this Pope rejects.Ed) and it is the practically unanimous teaching of theologians. It could no doubt be solemnly defined… Meanwhile no Catholic can deny it without grievous sin against the Faith, …one of wilful error and temerity.” (Ibid) It is clear that this Pope is himself in the forefront of the modernism affecting the Church, promoting ecumenism, the right of false religions to freedom, universal salvation, the new liturgy, etc. Let us pray for the Pope and in this month of Poor Souls for our dear departed (find the Pious List enclosed which you may return to the Priory to be placed on the altar during this month, any donation will suffice) who will soon enjoy a place of joy of heaven.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

Fr. Gerspacher