1999 May/News From Harare

During these early autumn months St. Joseph’s Priory has held two retreats which were fairly well attended. The Holy Week services sent off very well. Good Friday brought a large crowd, the largest so far. The church was packed with parishioners along with a good number of newcomers, leaving us with standing room only. The Paschal ceremonies also went off very well, with two Baptisms at the Vigil, due to the experience and guidance of two of our masters of ceremonies, who did an excellent job in preparing the altar, servers for the most solemn feast of the liturgical year.

Towards the end of April a children’s camp will be organized at the national park near Lake Chivero, located some 30 km outside of Harare. It will be the first children’s camp held in Zimbabwe, and hopefully it will be a success from both a spiritual and temporal point of view. Future camps will be organized in other parts of Zimbabwe for the children.

A Karioke evening is also scheduled as a fund raiser for the benefit of the Priory. Plans are well underway by some dedicated parishioners who have made a determined effort to sell as many entry tickets as possible.

Finally, the roof of the church has been fixed in a permanent way. This was done by placing wet asbestos sheeting along the ridge and moulding it in placeā€”no more black water marks on the ceiling (the old ones have yet to be painted over)! There is much work to be done on our yet “new” retreat house. The rains this year have shown just how careful one has to be with waterproofing. This needs to be done soon to prevent any serious damage.

Both the Church and Priory owe its past and present growth and success to the intercession of St. Joseph along with the selfless dedication of many of our faithful, most of whom are still with us to continue on the fight for the restoration of the traditional Catholic Faith through their hard work over the years; but especially through the meritorious help of their prayers and sacrifices for the good of the Church and the salvation of their souls.