1999 May/Editorial

Dear Friends and Benefactors of Southern Africa,

This past month has seen the departure of Fr. Roscoe back to Canada for reasons which need not be gone into here. We are grateful for the few months of help he was able to give to Fr. Esposito and ask the prayers of all the faithful for him and all the priests. The good news however is the Deacon Rev. Pragash Suresh (now in Durban) will be ordained on June 26th in Winona and posted back to South Africa as an assistant priest in our apostolate here. This means he will already have a good knowledge of the apostolate when he arrives from his ordination and customary trip back home. Also we may not have to wait many months for his work visa to be approved, as in this case it needs merely to be renewed. We look forward with him to the joy of his ordination and First Mass and blessings in Southern Africa.

A busy couple of days for a number of parishioners and Fr. G. were had with the installation of a new palisade fence around half of the field at the Priory in Roodepoort. The old one was more rust than metal so on a work bee on a public holiday, with a couple of good women looking after our stomachs with a boerwors braai, a lot was accomplished. Meanwhile Brother Vincent is busy in Cape Town at the Pinelands chapel. Up till now it has been a matter of knocking down walls but soon the building up shall follow. Our thanks to Fr. Leslie who has undertaken the last trip to the Cape to prevent our being spread too thin, with Fr. Wall being away till the beginning of May on home leave.

May the good Lord bless you and Our Lady obtain for you all spiritual gifts.