Editorial March/April

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

We have had some few problems with our computer over the past few weeks which is part of the reason for the lateness of the Nova et Vetera. As well Fr. Swanton has his home leave during the month of February. This issue will include both March and April, so it is a bit longer than usual.

Over the past couple of weeks a number of the old timers from the parish have passed away. Mrs. Margaret Akins formerly of England, then Rhodesia and finally South Africa passed away at 90 an the 9th  of March. Mr. Bob Hughes, long time daily Mass goer at Our Lady of Sorrows Priory returned to England with his wife some 3 years ago, where he passed away on the 15th of March. And finally Mr. Oliver Ramsbottom, at 98 years of age, passed to the Lord on the 24th of March after a long life of mental and physical good health. May they all find in our prayers a speedy deliverance from Purgatory and a welcome to the joys of heaven.

At this holy season of Easter, the community of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Fathers of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Priory and St. Joseph’s Priory unite in offering our Masses and prayers for all the intentions of our many benefactors both living and departed.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Loren Gerspacher