1999 June/News From Durban

The Easter ceremonies were busy and also well attended. Fr. Roscoe was in Port Elizabeth where he had the privilege of baptising two of our catechumen parishioners, Mrs. Avril Valley and Mr. Alan Shaddock. In a similar vein 4 catechumen parishioners were baptised during the Easter Vigil ceremonies by Fr. Esposito – Mr. Leon Du Plessis from Empageri Mrs. Sharon Souchon, Miss Karen Jonker and Mrs. Mavis Samuel. At this moment our Durban Parish has another 3 adult catechumens who are coming for Religious instruction How we must realise that the grace of Almighty God works on these souls, and albeit that the priest is overjoyed to see these converts, he must remember that he is a mere instrument, and Our Lord Jesus Christ is the principal agent. The priest will be efficacious through his prayer life, praying not alone but by the Church and in the name of the Church.

The joys of the parish continued with 2 baptisms and also the first Holy Communions of 6 children on the 18th¬†of April. Deo gratias! But we also saw the passing away of Mr Norman Wood (85 years old) on 8 April and Mrs. Alice Pilot (93) on 17 April. Both were “pioneer” in our Durban parish. May they rest in peace. And finally, “dulcis in fundo” we had the joy of a marriage on the 1st of May between, Mr. Pierre Dumee-Duval and Mis: Karen Jonker. For all these grace on our Durban Parish over the last couple of months, we must say, “Benedicamus Domino”.