1999 June/Bishop Williamson

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

What is going on in Yugoslavia? Why on earth has a coalition of NATO nations, with the USA in the lead, been reducing Serbia to rubble with week after week of relentless aerial bombardment? In defense of human rights? To defend a people, you smash their country to pieces? You have to believe the media to believe that!

Then what is going on? It is time to ask. Firstly, if the poltroons who command the Western “democracies” commit the ultimate folly of engaging a ground war in Serbia, then at latest when the body-bags begin coming home, “patriotism” will shut down minds, and clear thinking will become, if not impossible, at least unsayable.

Secondly, modern wars are never what they are made to seem, and Catholics must be careful how their “patriotism” gets engaged. For instance, many American Catholics, by embracing heart and soul the great liberal crusade of World War II, came out of the war with their Catholicism so wedded to liberalism that they fell easy prey to Fiftiesism and Vatican II, with the loss of millions of their souls. “My country, right or wrong” is not only foolish in this life, it is downright dangerous for eternal life. “Patriotism is not enough”, said Nurse Edith Cavell.

Then what is happening in Yugoslavia? War is always a consequence of sin, as the Apostle James (IV, 1) tells us, so we know that in one way or another the justice of God is being wrought there upon sins of men in general (Medjugorje?). But who is sinning in particular? Of course the liberals and their vile media are telling us that the Americans are saints and the Serbians are devils. But when we recall that exactly the same liberals and media, now screeching like hawks and waving the flag, were, over Vietnam, screeching like doves (some doves!) and burning the flag, we smell a rat. What is going on?

Any war, like any divorce, is a complicated and messy affair, with the fault rarely being on one side only. Because of historical circumstances, Yugoslavia is a particularly complicated part of the world, riddled with tensions and bitterness and ancient hatreds. All the more reason, one would have thought, for NATO not to get in the middle of local conflicts! What on earth does it think it is doing?

A wise commentator, not a Catholic but a nationalist, has a good part of the answer. Let us call him E.Z. for easy reference. He tells how, from the beginning of the Western nations’ onslaught upon Serbia, he could make no sense of what he was hearing and seeing of the endless destruction, until several weeks later when the NATO spokesman in Brussels, a Jamie Shea, explained: What was at stake in Yugoslavia was the upholding of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious societies and thus of modern states, into the next century and the new millennium.

Now it was clear, writes E.Z.. The artificial and anti-natural “nations” constructed on the revolutionary basis of the Secret Societies’ “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, must be preserved and upheld by guns and bombs. That is why the Serbian leader Milosevic was perfectly acceptable to the New World Order so long as his repression and crimes were serving to protect the artificial construct known as “Yugoslavia”, but as soon as Milosevic realized from a visit to Kosovo in 1993 that the Muslim immigrants in Kosovo, which is historically sacred to Serbia, risked taking it over by their superior birth-rate, so that he began defending the natural nation of Serbia for the Serbians, then he instantly became the new Hitler-of-the-day, like Saddam and Khadafi before him. Likewise, what U.S. officials had branded as a “terrorist organization” changed overnight into Kosovo’s “Liberation Army”!

Thus for E.Z., NATO here represents artificial internationalism waging ruthless war upon what still remains of natural nationalism. Why NATO? Because its recent expansion makes it for the internationalists a more suitable instrument of control than their other artificial pipe-dream, the United Nations, which has failed them too often lately. Not enough of the little nations represented in the UN are yet sufficiently de-natured to be blind to the crushing threat hanging over all of them if NATO’s murderous meddling in the internal affairs of Serbia is successful.

E.Z. adds various possible secondary motives for the onslaught in Yugoslavia. These are useful to understand the modern world. Amongst others are the need for war to prevent the world economy from falling into a depression only World War II and not the New Deal pulled the USA out of the Great Depression of the 1930’s); the need for industrialists to make billions of dollars from replacing the planes and missiles reducing Serbia to rubble, and for the international megacorporations to make billions more out of rebuilding from the rubble; the need for the military to test their high-tech hard-ware in action; the need maybe for masses of rubble to warn the Red Army in Russia of what could happen to them if they dare to rise up against the New World Order gangsters presently ruining their country; the need for the same gangsters to get control of what is known to be Kosovo’s fabulous underground mineral wealth.

Howsoever it be with these secondary motives for the NATO onslaught, E.Z. is surely right as to the primary motive: the exemplary crushing of the last remains of nationalism by Judeo-masonry’s New World Order internationalism. But there remain for a complete understanding of events in the Balkans (and in many other places) two major questions which must escape the best of nationalists: why must the New World Order smash natural nationalism, and how can it be succeeding in a purpose so unnatural? Only a Catholic can answer these questions because they involve Jesus Christ, King of the Nations such as only Catholics believe Him to be.

We must back-track to the Middle Ages, the high-point of Christendom, when Christian civilization was largely Catholic and when all Christians acknowledged Jesus Christ (at least in principle) as King of kings and Lord of lords (Apoc. XVII, 14). At that time Christendom consisted of a family of nations, each with its distinct identity, yet all enjoying together Christian unity. By contrast nationalism preserves the identity (eg. Serbia for the Serbians) but it destroys the unity (Serbia against Croatia against Bosnia, etc.), whereas internationalism restores a certain unity (League of Nations, United Nations) while dissolving identity (in multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious constructs). How did Christendom achieve simultaneously both the nations’ identity and their unity?

Because Our Divine Lord does for nations what He does for individuals. Just as, for an individual, “Whosoever will save his life, shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for My sake and the gospel, shall save it” (Mk VIII, 35), so too for a nation. If (at least since Christ) a nation seeks its identity outside of Christ, it is heading for destruction or for loss of identity in liberalism, whereas if in pursuit of Christ it renounces any self-fulfillment it holds dear, not only will it discover its true identity in Christ, i.e. whatever God meant that nation to be, but it will simultaneously achieve automatic harmony and unity with all other nations likewise “losing” themselves in Christ. In other words Our Lord says to the nations what he says to persons, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His justice, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Mt. VI, 33).

Thus within medieval Christendom, nations enjoyed, as never before or since, both particular identity and general unity. But this was only possible in Jesus Christ. As soon as the nations began to turn away from him, then to preserve their identity they lost their unity – that was nationalism with its unprecedentedly terrible wars, like World War I, or, if the nations still would not learn their lesson but persisted in their apostasy, then they recovered an artificial unity by trashing their national identity — that is internationalism with its United Nations, New World Order, etc,

Thus the breakdown of Christendom took place in two stages, by the Freemasons’ famous “Solve et Coagula”, or, “Break up and re-assemble”. In the first stage, nationalism broke up Christendom into nations by turning natural identity against (Christian) unity. In the second stage, internationalism re-assembles the nations by turning (Judeo-masonic) unity against natural identity. NATO’s onslaught in the Balkans is a clear example of this second stage in action, our Western “leaders” having long been controlled by Judeo-masonry.

Now we are in a position to answer the questions that must escape the nationalist. Why must the internationalists destroy the last vestiges of nationalism? Because Judeo-masonry, to make man into God, must make war on God and on the human nature that God made, and which can always lead back to God. But nationalism is natural, insofar as it respects and follows the God-given differences between races, continents and nations which are at least as real as the differences between all the brothers and sisters in one family. For just as God meant all these differences to complement one another in the harmony of a united family, so He obviously meant the different races and nations to look after one another in the completeness of the human family of mankind. Therefore internationalism must wipe out these national differences which tend to recreate a natural order, and it must smash to pieces any nationalist resistance, as in Serbia.

But how can internationalism succeed in such an unnatural enterprise? By appealing precisely to men’s natural sense of the unity of mankind, and to a lingering nostalgia for the unity of Christendom. Neither unity is possible without Christ, as Napoleon and Hitler discovered when both strove to imitate Charlemagne, but the striving remains. And that is why the media’s nonsensical rhetoric about “human rights” in Kosovo nevertheless deceives people. Men always have a sense of their natural unity to be appealed to, however artificial the appeal.

In conclusion, this war in the Balkans represents the outright enemies of God making war on, so to speak, His half-friends. Now it may seem better to be Christ’s half-friend than his outright enemy, so nationalism may seem preferable to liberalism But Our Lord himself said that with him there is no such thing as half-and-half friendship. We cannot serve two masters. With him it is all or nothing. That is why nationalism without Christ is doomed to fail. That is why nationalist Serbia does not save the answer to NATO unless it seriously returns to Christ. That is why Christ is allowing in the modern world one worse horror after another to make us turn to him. Either we seriously convert, or it will be a third World War, such as will make the first two pale in comparison. NATO may be playing games, but Our Lord is not! Not “Get the US out of the UN”, but “United States, United States, convert to the Lord thy God!”

The world needs Christ, Christ needs priests, priests need seminaries. Dear friends, thank you for your grand support through the month of April.

Most sincerely yours in Our Lord,