1999 July/Fr Scott Writes

Dear friends and benefactors of the Society of Saint Pius X,

The divisions that undeniably exist among the few Catholics who still have the Faith, the one principle of unity, are a strange paradox. It is perfectly true that those divisions are inevitable for as long as there is the present breakdown in the authority structure of the Church, leaving to each person the practical decision as to how he is going to live his Faith; which Mass he is to attend; how much of the “renewed” ways he is going to accept and if and how much he is going to stand lip against the modern errors.

But if the situation is so clear, and if the supernatural gift of Counsel is available to all Catholics in the state of sanctifying grace, why cannot we all see equally clearly how to stand on principle to save our souls?

I think that it might very well be that many Catholics have forgotten the catechism’s definition of the gift of Counsel, the “gift that warns us of the deceits of the devil and of the dangers to our salvation“, and having forgotten what it is, have not asked the Holy Ghost for it. Counsel, in fact, means a double combat: the first, a more negative combat, on a lower level, against: the devil’s astute tricks; and the other on a more positive note, on a higher level, to work out our salvation and obtain the gift of holy perseverance. Many are the practising Catholics who overlook the very need for a combat, and many more those who minimize the negative aspect, and pretend that the battle against the devil’s deceits is not necessary to ensure our eternal salvation.

Indifferentism, humanism, liberalism and modernism, are the modern errors that are, deep down, a denial of the power of evil in the world. They are deceits of the devil to convince us that all that we need do is be kind and good, understanding and tolerant of everything.

The lower, but absolutely essential, element of our battle must therefore be on the level of ideas, of doctrine, of truth, of the Mass, and of the liberal revolution in the Church On this level, God requires a grater participation from us, to study, learn, profess our Faith and condemn modern errors. It is this aspect of the application of the gift of Counsel that is overlooked by those Catholics who are content to sit in their pew at the New Mass, and just do their own devotions. It is the same for those Indult Mass Catholics who are willing to exchange silence on all these important issues in order to have the “privilege” of their “approved” Tridentine Mass: They will end up like Father Bisig, Superior General of the Fraternity of St. Peter, who stated in an interview recently published in Polish, that he clearly supported the 1986 ecumenical meeting of religions in Assisi and that it had “in a certain way, an immense importance” for the Church. In such a context, any desire to make reparation and sanctify oneself, if it truly exists, will be vain and unfulfilled, for there is no sanctity for those who do not stand up against evil and the power of the devil. To such legalists could NOT be said the words that were related to the Angel of the Church of Ephesus: “I know thy works, and thy labour; and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them that are evil, and thou hast tried them, who say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars: and thou hast patience, and hast endured for my name, and hast not fainted.” (Apo 2:2,3).

But there is a higher battle, one that depends much more on God’s help than even the doctrinal battle, one that is so easily obscured by bitter zeal and pride, one which brings about the interior transformation through which Our Divine Saviour rules over souls, that His Will might be done on earth as it is in Heaven. It is the battle for our sanctification, without which there can be no assurance of overcoming the dangers to our salvation. The very same members of the Church of Ephesus who are commended for their successful battle against evil, are rebuked in the following sober words: “But I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first charity. Be mindful therefore from whence thou art fallen; and do penance, and do the first works.” (Apo 2:4,5).

During the month of the Sacred Heart let us rediscover our fast charity, our devotion to the Sacred Heart, burning furnace of charity. For is not the Heart of the Incarnate Ward, “propitiation for our sins” (I Jn 2:2) “always living to make intercession far us” (Heb 7:25),
the culminating point of our Faith, essential to the mystery of the Mass, and the key to all reparation and true charity?

As Pope Pius XII put it so clearly:

….. there is no question here of some ordinary form of piety which anyone at his own whim may treat as of little consequence or set aside as inferior to others, but of a religious practice which helps very much towards the attaining of Christian perfection For what is more pleasing and acceptable to God than service which pays homage to the divine love and is offered for the sake of that love? …..(Haurietis Aquas, §109).

It is hardly surprising, then, that such extraordinary promises were made by the Sacred Heart to St Margaret Mary, promises which give us the assurance of overcoming the dangers to our salvation and the grace of final perseverance: “Lukewarm souls shall become fervent; fervent souls shall rise rapidly to a greater perfection…..My divine Heart shall be their safe refuge at that last hour“.

If the gift of Counsel would only bring unity to our own lives, and integrity in our doctrinal and spiritual battles, we would see clearly to fight the good fight of the Faith, and turn our efforts against the enemies who have infiltrated into the Church, in order to push back the enemy from our soul.

The Society’s position is the only Catholic one, since it is based upon oneness in this double combat. You are all invited to this combat for the Social Reign of the Sacred Heart, enemy of liberal indifferentism, by deepening your devotion and consecration to the Sacred Heart. Let each one of your families and homes fervently renew the consecration of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart, this month on the feast of the Sacred Heart, remembering these words of St. Margaret Mary: “The devil has a most intense fear of the devotion to this loving Heart because of the salvation of the multitude ‘of souls which it effects in favour of those who consecrate themselves completely to the Sacred Heart for the purpose of loving It, honouring It and glorifying It.

If per chance you have not yet enthroned the Sacred Heart in your family, then order the booklet from the District Office, and ask one of your priests to help you perform this ceremony.

May: God bless and keep you all in the Sacred Heart of His Divine Son,