Editorial July /1999

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

At long last, the plans for the renovations in Cape Town have been passed by the City and Brother Vincent with a young man to oversee the project are getting into action. Some obstacles still remain but all good things come to those who wait long enough. After some years of planning our dreams for a proper high altar and canopy are coming to light. A choir loft is also well under way in the planning stages but its construction will depend on the budget. To be undertaken this month is the installing of translucent marble tiles in the 4 m. window behind the altar.

In this issue we have included a picture of a magnificent pipe organ recently installed in a concert hall in Port Elizabeth. It is of interest to us, not in that it is used by us, but that is it was built by one of our faithful in Port Elizabeth, Mr. Jan Pekelhatvtg, who is obviously a master Pipe Organ builder. This pipe organ is rated as the largest free?standing organ in South Africa, at 14 meters high, 10 wide and 4.5 deep. It contains 550 pipes plus a lot of other features which would be of interest to an organ fundi. So it was arranged for Fr. Wall (who is by no means an amateur organist) to attend the inauguration of the organ on the first weekend in June, who also had a chance to try out the possibilities of this instrument afterwards. The cost to the city, a mere 2.5 million rand. Will we ever get a pipe organ in the Priory church? Well; hope springs eternal:

School is out for most of July, giving us a chance to visit the far?flung congregation of Namibia, as well as to hold the boy’s camp from 8-15 July. The girls will have to wait till October.

Our continued thanks for all your generosity to maintain and advance the glory of God and His house, and the greater sanctification of souls. May Our Lord and His blessed Mother obtain for you blessings in this life and eternal joy in the next.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Fr. Loren Gerspacher