Girls Camp

After some last-minute changes the venue for the Girls’ Eucharistic Crusade Camp was finally fixed at the Kuhn-Latouf farm east of Pretoria. With a total of 19 girls, the camp assistants had their work cut out for them (your servant included!). A typical day would consist of rising at 6:30 am, raising the crusade flag at 7:00 am, morning prayers and Mass at 7:15 am and breakfast one hour later. Then came dish washing and free-time followed by catechism classes at 9:30 am. After catechism came singing class, with your servant doing his best to get 19 girls to sing Mass 8 more-or-less in tune and the words in approximate synchronisation with the music. Then, games (a camp is supposed to be fun, after all). These ranged from Tomato to Smugglers to Ultimate Death – the last is quite harmless really.

A visit to the Blessed Sacrament was followed by lunch, free time and afternoon games, of which swimming and boat-races were favorites. Then orange juice combined with a talk, baths (sometimes) and Benediction. Supper at 6:30 pm was followed by a catechism quiz and evening games, and a final visit to the Blessed Sacrament before bed.

Despite the usual round of disasters: minor cuts, sunburn, lost things and a couple of storms, the camp was a real success, being enjoyable and – I hope – instructive for the girls.

See you all next year, and don’t forget to bring aprons!